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UNIVERSITY incorporations.

We have a shelf University to sell.
This is a company incorporated in TCI with great efforts.
Universities are notoriously VERY difficult to incorporate.

To incorporate such a company, the client must have a mission statement and a business plan submitted with the name approval to help convince the registry that the company is something to do with Education.
Time frame required to have the an university approved can sometimes reach few months.
Further more, the client can be asked to pay annual renewal fee for the next 3 years in advance, to convince the registry that the University will exist at least to the end of the first education cycle (3 years). If some documentation is provided, we may be able to avoid this requirement, and the client will pay annual fees only after 12 months from incorporation.

Our University have a excellent name: Stanford University, and can be configured to suit your needs.
This company has nothing to do with the very well known Stanford University from USA.

Being such a difficult name to get approved, the selling price is 4999 GBP,
You can see here a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

If you are interested, please contact us

included is also the domain name




We are preparing now a new university with a similar, very hard to get, name.


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