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Company Incorporation

Incorporation & Annual Maintenance Fees:


Approx. Fee

Incorporation Fee


*Local Directors Deposit (one of payment)


Annual Company Renewal Fee


*The Local Directors Deposit is a refundable security deposit for the provision of our Local Director Service which is obligatory. The security deposit is collected to safeguard the interests of the local director. You can request the local director to resign at any time and we will refund the deposit once the change has been made with the Company Register.


Approx. Fee

Bookkeeping Service




The above figures are based on a company with an annual turnover of €500,000 and 50 transactions per year. Please note that the above figures are only approximate.

We obtain several different quotations for audit to ensure we provide the most cost-efficient option to our clients. We always obtain client approval of fees prior to commencement of audit.

If the client has no special reason to use Singapore, she may like to consider a jurisdiction with lower compliance requirements like Hong Kong



Singapore is a city state located at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsular with a population of approximately 4.8 million. It is known as one of the four ‘Asian Tigers’ and is the major centre for business and trade within the region.
The official business language in Singapore is English and the work force is well educated and hard working with a high level of expertise. Singapore is one of the leading international financial centers in the region with most of the major banks present along with numerous financial institutions, investment management companies and accounting and legal firms.
In 2006 a study by KPMG rated Singapore as one of the most competitive business locations amongst industrialized countries in the world. The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2010’ study has also recently concluded that Singapore is the best country in which to run a business. Incorporating a company in Singapore can provide a tax efficient corporate structure in order to conduct international business. The following information provides an overview of the process of incorporation, company administration and taxation and accounting requirements.

Process of Incorporation:

The majority of Singapore Company Incorporations are formed as private limited liability companies (commonly known as a limited liability company). A limited liability company is a separate legal entity in its own right therefore shareholders are not liable for the company's debts beyond the amount of share capital they have put into the company. The name of a limited liability private company has to include the following abbreviation – Pte Ltd.

1. Registration of a Singapore Limited Liability Company (Pte Ltd):

The registration of a Singapore Limited Liability Company can be completed relatively quickly as the process is fully computerized.

2. Documents required for Singapore Company Registration:

The following documentation is required:

• Company Name (approval is normally given within 2 working days)

• Summary of Business Activities

• Details of Directors

• Details of Shareholders

• Registered Address

• Details of Company Secretary

The following documents are required in order to fulfill our Know Your Client (KYC) obligations:

• Copy of Passport

• Residential Address Proof (in the form of a utility bill, bank statement etc not older than 3 months)

If the Shareholder is a Corporate Entity we also require a copy of the company registration documents. If any of the above documents are not in English they are required to be translated.

3. Summary of the Incorporation process:

The client e-mails the completed Incorporation Form, Declaration of Beneficial Ownership Form and required KYC documentation.

• Company name approval received (takes approximately 2 working days)

• Company Incorporation documents are sent to the client for signing

• The client signs the documents and couriers them back

• Upon receipt of the original documents the company will be fully incorporated. All post incorporation formalities will be completed.

• Scanned copies of the incorporation documents will be sent to the clients and the original company documents and company stamp are couriered to the client.

4. Timescale for Incorporation:

It takes approximately 5 working days to complete the registration process for a Singapore Company. The following process of legalization can take up to 7 working days. Once this has been completed the original documents are sent by courier.

5. We can provide the following post incorporation services:

• Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

• Annual Return & Filing Services

Company Administration Guidelines:

All private limited companies must comply with the statutory regulations set out by ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) and the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore)

• Authorized and Issued Share Capital – The concept of authorized share capital was abolished in

January 2006. The minimum number of issued shares is 1.

• Classes of shares permitted – Ordinary shares & preference shares

• Directors – A minimum of one director is required however at least one must be a Singapore resident individual. To fulfill this requirement we can provide a Singapore resident individual.

• Shareholders – A minimum of one shareholder is required. Shareholders may be corporate or individuals and 100% foreign ownership is permitted.

• Secretary – It is obligatory to have a secretary. This must be a natural person who is a resident of Singapore. The company secretary is responsible for keeping and filing corporate documents with ACRA.

• Registered Office – Every company in Singapore is required to have a registered general office where a register of directors, shareholders, secretary and minutes of general and director meetings are kept.

• Confidentiality – details of the directors, shareholders and company secretary are placed on public record however it is permitted to use nominees to maintain confidentiality.

Key Advantages to utilizing Singapore with regards to International Tax Planning:

• Low personal tax rates, no capital gains tax and low inheritance tax:

One of Singapore's unique advantages is its low effective personal and corporate tax rates. Personal income tax has a tier system that starts from just 3.5% and goes up to 20% for income above SG$ 320,000.

• The Corporate Tax rate for Singapore private limited companies with profits up to SG$ 300,000 is 8.5% (subject to IRAS approval) and is capped at 17% for profits above SG$ 300,000.

First 3 years of Income Tax Filing:

Taxable Income (S$)

Tax Rate

0 - 100,000


100,001 - 300,000


300,001 - 2,000,000


After the First 3 years of Income Tax Filing:

Taxable Income (S$)

Tax Rate

0 - 300,000


300,001 - 2,000,000


The government has introduced industry-specific tax incentives to encourage foreign investment and growth of targeted industries in Singapore. IT and Financial companies for example enjoy a preferential corporate rate of just 10%.

• No restriction on the free entry and repatriation of funds.

• Any income which is not Singapore source income and has been remitted into Singapore by a non-Singapore company is exempt from Singapore taxation.

• Companies with a turnover of less than S$5 million are not required to undergo audit and accounts can be filed without audit. If however the company has individual rather than corporate shareholders an audit is required, see below for approximate costs.

• Singapore has over 60 comprehensive Double Taxation Agreements signed.

• Singapore is the major centre for business and trade within the region and has a highly regarded international reputation. Singapore is on the OECD White List, this identifies Singapore as a transparent offshore jurisdiction.

Bank Account in Singapore:

Singapore has an excellent choice of international and reputable local banks from which to choose. Most banks offer multi-currency accounts, internet banking and freedom to move funds in and out of Singapore for legitimate business purposes. The bank account can only be opened once the company has been incorporated however you are not required to be present in order to open a bank account in Singapore, we can open the account on your behalf.

The following documents are required in order to open a bank account in Singapore:

• Certified Copy of Passport

• Proof of Residential Address in the form of a utility bill. This is needed for Directors, Signatories and Beneficial Owners.

• Board of Directors Resolution sanctioning the opening of the account and the signatories to the account (most banks will provide their own form to complete and sign)

• Certified True Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

• Certified True Copy of Company’s Business Proposal from the Company Registrar

• Certified True Copy of Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

The banks may require additional documents on a case by case basis. We will advise you once the process is underway.

As mentioned previously, when you incorporate an offshore company in Singapore you can open a bank account without being present. Please note however that documents need to be signed in a Singapore Consulate. You will need to visit the Singapore Consulate in the country of your residence in order to get the documents signed. This will expedite matters and ensure the bank account is opened efficiently and quickly.

Please note that the above is only a guide to the process of opening a Singapore bank accounts. Banks work in a highly competitive environment and periodically make adjustments in order to remain competitive therefore once we have established your requirements and provided options to meet your needs the exact account features will then be confirmed.

Fee Schedule – Singapore (€)


Year 1

Year 2







Certificate of Incorporation from ACRA


Memorandum & Articles of Association,



Company profile from ACRA


First Directors’ Minutes (FDM)


Share Certificate


Common seal


2. Registered office and Secretary Fee




Nominee Director

Singaporean local director (obligatory)



Local Director deposit


Obligatory one off payment

- Refundable

Power of Attorney to sign up



Cypriot Individual



Nominee Shareholder

Belize Company



Cypriot Individual




Signing documents

Bank Account

Cyprus Banks (Legalization fees not included)


Bank of Cyprus, Laiki Bank, Hellenic Bank (+€50 for additional account)




Additional Services

Additional Company Profile (from ACRA)


Certificate of Incorporation (from ACRA)


Memorandum & Articles of Association


Company Name Change


Change of Registered Office




Year 1

Year 2




Appointment/Resignation of Company’s



Change particulars of Secretary


Appointment/Resignation of Company



Additional charge of S$50 if more than 1 director

Change particulars of Directors


Increase of Paid-Up Capital


Transfer of Shares


Alteration of Memo of Association


Annual Return/AGM


Apply for extension of AGM filing (1-3m)


Certification by Notary


Certification by Notary, SAL and MFA


Full Legalization Process



Set up in our system


Set up fee in the 1st year

Annual fixed fee


Starting with 2nd year



Per transaction



For dormant company

Change of Company Auditors




If you decide to order, contact us and we'll send you the order form by email.


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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the details contained herein are correct and up-to-date, it does not constitute legal or other professional advice. We do not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omissions.

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