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Bank account in Seychelles (at Barclays bank)

Bank service fees, from the bank.

Mahe Seychelles

It is our desire to provide customers with a banking service that represents quality, efficiency and value for money. The items shown below clearly describe the activities for which we do or do not charge and are based upon the normal course of our business. As such, the following tariffs become effective immediately.

We do not charge for the following services:

  • Transfers between Barclays Seychelles Accounts in the same name FREE
  • Regular Statement FREE
  • Telephone Calls (local or international) FREE
  • Standing Order Set up FREE
  • Account Maintenance/Ledger Fees FREE
  • Inward Payments FREE

We pay you interest, our competitive rates are constantly reviewed against the foreign markets using that latest Reuters technology.

Account type Minimum Balance Interest Payment Withdrawal Period
Call/Current Account No Minimum N/A No notice required No penalty
Account type Balance Margin Interest payment Withdrawal period
Automatic Rollover of
USD 25,000 45 bps Deposit on Maturity unless
USD 25,001-USD 100,000 40 bps 3 days notice in writing. If
Fixed USD 100,001 -USD 250,000 35 bps contract is broken USD100
Deposit USD 250,001-USD 500,000 25 bps fee for less than one
USD 500,000 - USD 1,000,000 20 bps month plus penalty. l%of
USD 1,000,001 + 18 bps the value for more than 1


1) Payments FROM your account

Electronic Transfers ♦ 0.15% of the payment value Min. USD 20, max. USD 65 (plus SWIFT message charge USD 20)
♦ 1% exchange loading on all cross currency payments.
Internal Transfers to another Barclays Client Account USD 10
Draft/International Money Order USD 30
Travelers Cheques 2%
Stop Payments request USD 25 +Correspondent charges
Fixed Deposits Cost of Making Payments against Fixed deposits is USD 100.

2) Payments TO your account

Cheque/Draft Collection/negotiation 0.5% minimum USD 50
Travelers Cheques l%Min. USD 20

The Bank reserves the right of recourse to the customer if the cheque/draft is returned unpaid. All charges levied by intermediary banks will be for the account of the customer.

3) Statements of Account

You will receive, FREE, original statements via the post on frequency determined by you.

If requested, an interim or duplicate statement can be prepared and sent to you by fax/post:

Interim Statement preparation USD 10
Additional Statement Request USD 10
Statement query ♦ More than 1 months old USD 10 ♦ More than 12 months old USD 25
Duplicates statements USD 10

4) Barclays Trade Services

Barclays is a major international bank, represented in over 70 countries and, with over 300 years of banking experience, we know how to support your international trade needs.


Documentary Letter of Credit (LC) Issuance (Opening) 0.25%, min. USD 100
Amendments Increase of amount Extension of validity by 1 month or less Extension of validity by more than 1 month Other 0.25%, min. USD 30 0.20% 0.40% USD 30 flat
Payment Commission 0.25% minimum USD 50
Import Bills for collection 0.50% minimum USD 30


Documentary Letter of Credit (LC) Pre-advising USD 30
LC Advising 0.125% maximum USD 250
LC Confirmation 0.50%
LC Amendment Advising USD 30 flat
LC Payment 0.25% minimum USD 50
LC Transfer to 2nd beneficiary 0.25% maximum USD 250
Export Bills for Collection 0.25% minimum USD 30


Documentary Letter of Credit (LC) Transferring 0.25%, min. USD 100
Amendments Increase of amount Extension of validity by 1 month or less Extension of validity by more than 1 month Other 0.25%, min. USD 30 0.20% 0.40% USD 30 flat
Payment Commission 0.125% minimum USD 50

5) Other Items

Guarantees 2% minimum USD 100
Immigration/Security Bonds USD 50
Cash Custody (Applicable to Financial Institutions with custody agreements in place) Administration Charge USD 1,250 per quarter in arrears.
Swift Confirmation USD 10 per SWIFT
Balance/Audit Reports - Balances only - with liabilities/Securities schedule USD 40 USD 60
Status Enquiries/Bank Reference ♦ Replying to ♦ Obtaining USD 25 USD 100
Courier Charges ♦ -Deffererd Debit card (PIN/CARD) ♦ Internet ♦ -Other Services USD 90 Minimum USD 90
Unclaimed Account Accounts inactive for more than 2 years USD 100 per annum
Cheque Books USD 10


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