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  Professional offshore incorporations and offshore banking services since 1996


Nominee Incorporation Service


Please read here general information about the level of services you can get, including description of nominee services.

If you are worried about your privacy, and you should be, we offer the nominee incorporation service
usually $300 / calendar year (but depends on the jurisdiction)
You must opt for nominees at incorporation !!

Read here, if you want nominee bank signatory service. In this case you do not have to provide your ID to open the bank account.

In the majority of jurisdictions we can provide LOCAL NOMINEES.
In some jurisdictions, or on your request, we can provide THIRD PARTY NOMINEES.
The Third party nominee service is provided by our lawyers and partners from New Zealand, Vanuatu or Cyprus.
They are appointed directors and / or shareholders for your company, and will provide you a notarized with apostille POA, for you to manage your company.

Basically, the nominee will be the director (LTD) or manager (LLC) of your newly formed offshore company. 
Any public incorporation document will be signed by nominee, and your name is safe from curious eyes.

How it works:

  • the nominee sign the certificate of incorporation (Ltd) or certificate of formation (LLC) to form your offshore entity.
  • the nominee will sign and NOTARIZE a general Power of Attorney document which gives you full power to manage your offshore company.
  • the nominee will give you his signed and undated Letter of resignation document, which gives you the peace of mind that he can't act against you.

At any time you need a document signed by nominee, like a contract or whatever document that must NOT have your signature, you just send that document, either or directly to your company address, with a cover letter explaining your request.

The nominee director will NOT open the bank account for you, but you should not be worried.
No bank would last five minutes if it divulged confidential information about account holders to a third party.  Such information is only supplied wholly or in part only if their is a criminal enquiry and even then only after due legal process in the country where the bank account is opened!. 
Since tax evasion/avoidance is not an international criminal offence, such information would not be supplied in response to an enquiry from domestic or overseas tax authorities.

Read here, if you want nominee bank signatory service.

If you have any questions, Contact us .




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