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Company Incorporation

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TOTAL ESTIMATION OF COSTS of new company 16,972 EURO
See here a standard invoice.

 In Luxembourg We have two main types of holding companies:

1) the 1929 Holding company, which is virtually tax free as it is not subject to the Luxembourg corporate income tax. Due to its special tax status, a 1929 Holding is excluded from the benefit of the double tax treaties signed by Luxembourg. It can also not benefit from the advantages of the EU parent-subsidiary directive.

A 1929 Holding company is restricted to owning shares in other companies, Luxembourg or foreign, and may only lend money to its subisidiaries.
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2) the Soparfi company. This company is a normal holding company, subject to the income tax in Luxembourg of 30.38%. It is commonly used for taking participating interests in EU countries or countries where Luxembourg has a double tax treaty. The Soparfi company is one of the most efficient holding vehicle in the EU.
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Both the 1929 Holding Company and the 1990 « SOPARFI » have similar formation requirements.

1. Name approval
The name of the company must be different from that of any other company already existing in Luxembourg. Clearance of the name must be made with the Companies’ Registrar and is usually available by return of post. It is only protected, however, after the public deed of incorporation has been drawn up and published.

2. Share Capital
The minimum share capital for a Luxembourg company is set at 31.000 EUROS or its foreign currency equivalent and must be transferred on a bank account opened in the name of the company in formation. The bank will be asked to send a certificate to the Notary drawing up the deed of incorporation, stating that the funds for the formation of the company are held in a blocked account.

Note :
The corporate bank account can either be opened with a local bank or with a well established foreign bank (recognized by the Notary).

3. Shareholders
A minimum of 2 Shareholders is required. Shareholders can either be individuals or companies with any nationality and place of residence. Their full name, occupation, and residence or registered office in the case of corporations must be provided.

Note :
Nominee Shareholders are often used at the time of incorporation.

4. Directors
Minimum of 3 Directors who may be individuals or companies and need not to be resident in Luxembourg.

5. Auditor
An auditor who is either a « Commissaire aux Comptes » or a « Réviseur d"Entreprises » must be appointed. The name and address of the Auditor must be stated in the published deed of incorporation.

6. Domicile
The registered office must be in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but may be transferred abroad temporarily for reasons of war, political upheaval or other « force majeure » circumstances. A post office box is not sufficient. The statutory books must be available at the registered office. A holding company may have its registered office at a bank, a legal firm or an authorised trust company. According to legal requirements, a domicilation agreement must be signed.

7. Statutes
The statutes or Articles of Incorporation correspond to the Anglo-Saxon Memorandum and Articles of Association. They are usually drafted by a Luxembourg notary and may be in English but must be published with a French or German translation.

8. Time Scale

A Luxembourg company can be incorporated within 1 or 2 days, as soon as the share capital is credited on the corporate bank account.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is situated in Western Europe between Belgium, France and Germany and was created within the German Bund by the treaty of Vienna of 1815. In 1867 Luxembourg gained independence from Germany and organized itself as a constitutional monarchy with the legislative power vested in a democratically elected parliament.

Luxembourg enjoys a mild climate, temperatures are continental with winter (November to February) temperatures as low as -15C, while the summer (July, August) temperatures can rise to as high as 35C.

Luxembourg is a member of OECD, the European Union, the Benelux Union and the Belgium / Luxembourg Economic Union. The capital city is also called Luxembourg and is the center of government, business and finance.

French and German are widely spoken and used in business circles with French being the administrative language. English is also widely spoken, and is used daily in commercial transactions.

Population is approximately 405,000, 20% of whom are foreign nationals.

The legal system is based on Napoleonic code and is therefore similar to the Belgium and French legal systems.

Exchange Control


Principal Corporate Legislation

Commercial Companies Act 1915, as amended.

The maximum rate of corporation tax applicable to Luxembourg companies is 33% but additional municipal taxes can bring the aggregate rate to as much as 39%. There are, however, different types of companies to which special tax regimes apply and which are therefore useful for tax planning purposes:

Type of Company for International Trade and Investment

  • 1929 Société Anonyme Holding Company

  • 1929 Société à Responsabilité Limitee Holding Company

  • 1990 Société de Participation Financière (SOPARFI) Trading and Holding Company

Powers of Company

As dictated by the objects in the articles of incorporation.

Double Taxation Agreements

Luxembourg companies with SOPARFI provisions may access Luxembourg's extensive treaty network. The centres include:

Austria, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Brazil, Morocco, Bulgaria, Netherlands, The Czech and Slovak Republics, Russia, Denmark, South Korea, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, CIS (air traffic treaty only), Hungary, United Kingdom, Iceland (air traffic only), United States of America and Ireland.

Financial Statement Requirements

Yes. An annual audit is compulsory.


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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the details contained herein are correct and up-to-date, it does not constitute legal or other professional advice. We do not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omissions.

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